Over the years, I have released a lot of music in many different locations around the internet and under a few different aliases. Here is a collection of most of it, some additional works not listed below can be found in the following places
200M2000 - Bandcamp Soundcloud
Glass Locus - Bandcamp Soundcloud

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A noisy, distorted sound collage that serves as first release under my current working alias 200M2000

Originally released as the closing track on Freefall, but re-released for Audiobulb 100

This album served as a painstaking effort to bring together tracks that had been in the works for many years

A remix commisioned for my labelmate and good friend, Tarune

My de-facto first album. It contains a very pretty set of tracks that extensively make use of granular synthesis and other resampling techniques to generate rhythmically slow and melodically rich textures. I created this album with nothing but a pair of cheap headphones and a reasonably good gaming PC.

Links to older works available on request
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