Matthew Holloway

Developer, Musician, Producer and Audiovisual Artist
I have recently completed my studies at Goldsmiths with a keen focus in technology, computer science, music and the intersection between these disciplines. This includes experience in audio-visual programming languages such as Max MSP, Jitter, OpenGL and Open Frameworks - utilising these to solve unique problems such as spectral audio analysis and its application in machine learning. My experience also includes competencies in Full-Stack Web Develpment with technologies and frameworks such as React, Vue, Ember and Angular in addition to databases such as MongoDB in the context of an E2E project.
I am also a musician and performer, combining unique software with sample manipulation techniques to create large and textural soundscapes.
On the left hand side of this website you will find a portfolio of my most complete projects. I do not generally use social media for public communications, so please contact me via email for any enquiries.
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